Effective Ways to Baby Proof Your Home

When a new baby comes along every home faces a certain amount of upheaval. There is no amount of planning that will get you or your home baby proof and prepared for such a momentous event, but you can do your best.

baby proof your home - man & house caroonBy looking at your home from a baby, and then a child’s perspective, you will see just how strange and dangerous it can be for a small being, growing up with limited motor skills and underdeveloped special awareness.

Every piece of furniture, window and door become a potential hazard that certainly given the chance you would cover in cotton wool and bubble wrap to make sure your child is safe.

This article will offer a few more sensible suggestions of ways you can baby proof your home to make them as ideal as possible for a new and growing child.


First thing you should do is to make sure your home is adequately insulated. Not only will this help keep your home as cosy and warm as possible even in the winter, it will add a level of soundproofing between each room to help cut out baby screaming noise, and of course it should help to cut down on some of your heating costs as it uses your energy more efficiently.

If you don’t have insulation you can actually get it pumped into your wall cavities with a pipe for a minimum of upheaval and so you can avoid having all your walls taken apart. Also, depending on your income you may be able to get loft insulation installed by the government for free.


Another thing you should do is improve the overall security of your home. This is not necessarily to stop burglars getting in (though it will do just that) it is also to help keep your soon to be toddling child from getting out. Just as soon as a child can walk or even crawl you can guarantee that they are going to try and open doors and windows pretty soon.

By converting all your single glazing windows into double glazing UPVC windows and making sure your conservatory is as up to date as possible you will greatly improve your overall security. Also, fitting a security light outside your property along with a camera that is visible you will largely put off anyone that might think of trying to get in.

Also, by fitting doors that require a special technique for opening, you will help keep your growing and increasingly inquisitive little one from running outside when your back is turned. See more here: Exterior French Patio Doors design for your home

Make Your Home Baby Proof Easily