Conservatory roof replacement

Victorian conservatories are commonly referred to as one of the period designs, as they are so called after the period of time when a certain king or queen was ruling the UK.

Victorian ConservatoryAll of these typical complaints from conservatory owners can be identified as coming from one source – the conservatory roof and the large amount of glass that allows so much direct sunlight to come into the room, too much heat to escape during cold weather and irritating noise from the rain in wet weather.

An elegant solution to this could be to consider have the conservatory roof replaced – the market for replacement conservatory roofing is very competitive and there are a lot of design & styling options now available for you to choose from, so why not take a look at what is on offer and see if this option is viable for your circumstances.

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Conservatory design styles

Designer Conservatories or Bespoke Conservatories are those which don’t fully fit into a specific style and you won’t find them listed as “budget conservatories”, although they can very often be a combination of 2 popular designs. Find out more about: Edwardian and Victorian conservatories by going to

Common variations would be P-shaped, T-shaped or L-shaped rooms, where the smaller section may be Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian with the larger section being a Lean-to style.

If you really want to be individual in your look, then a truly bespoke Conservatory is the one for you as you have total freedom to be as individual & unique as you please.

With the fantastic range of materials, colours & finishes that are available in the market you have an almost unlimited choice in the size & appearance of a bespoke Conservatory.

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